COVID 19 Dashboard

How often is the dashboard data updated?

The data on the College of Charleston dashboard is updated daily from the data source that is captured at 8 a.m. each day.

Why is the number of "Active Cases in Isolation" different from the cumulative number of new cases per day over the last two weeks?

The “New Cases per Day” includes both active and inactive cases reported to the College of Charleston. A student who reports to the College on September 25th that he/she received a positive COVID-19 result dated September 1st is inactive on the reporting date because it was reported after the 10-day isolation period ended. Inactive cases are included in the new case counts on the days in which they were reported and in the Total Cases to Date, but not included in the active case counts.

What is the percent positive testing rate of the College population?

Those data are unavailable since not all students and staff are currently present on campus.

Does the dashboard reflect the results from the testing events given by MUSC and SC DHEC?

Yes, as soon as the data are made available to the College of Charleston.