How are book orders going to be managed?

The College of Charleston Bookstore is open and ready to assist. Please continue to visit New, used, rental and an expanded selection of digital books are available through the bookstore. Students can easily order books via or through MyCharleston.

In MyCharleston, students will click Reserve/Order Books in their Concise Student Schedule or add their courses into the bookstore's course materials tool.

Required course materials will be preloaded upon faculty submission to the bookstore.

Choose to Rent or Buy your new, used or digital course materials.

Select your preferred shipping option and proceed to checkout. We'll email you when your order has shipped to your home or in store, both for FREE.

I heard that some of my lecture classes will meet in-person (hybrid). What does this mean?

Students should login to OAKS and carefully review the syllabus for each of their classes. The syllabus will outline the plan for course meetings and when students should attend. The College's Back on the Bricks plan specifies the three types of course delivery for the fall 2020 schedule: Exclusively Online (ONL), Exclusively Online + Online Scheduled Meetings (ONL/OSM) and In-Person. Please visit for detailed definitions. These delivery types are reflected on your course schedule for each class.

If I want to stay at home for the Fall semester, can I take all my classes online?

Based on course availability, any student may enroll in online course sections designated as Exclusively Online (ONL) or Exclusively Online + Online Scheduled Meetings (ONL/OSM). You will need to adjust your schedule to make sure all of your courses are being delivered online. Keep in mind that not every course is available online. Students who need assistance should consult with the department chair in their major or contact the department offering the course.

Is a laptop required for students attending the College of Charleston?

Yes. As of the start of the Fall 2020 semester, the College of Charleston is implementing a laptop requirement policy for all students, which means students must have regular access to a laptop. More information about the laptop requirement and other technologies can be found by visiting

Where are the locations for Zoom sessions?

The College has created several spaces throughout the campus for students to participate in Zoom sessions for synchronous online or the online portion of in-person (hybrid) classes. These spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If a space is at maximum capacity, students will need to find another location. Signs will be posted throughout the campus locations with capacities and instructions.

Students who utilize these areas must comply with the following:

* Face masks and earbuds are required in all spaces.

* Students must wipe down their areas before use.

* Students may not exceed the capacity for the designated area.

* Students may not alter the configuration of the designated area.

For a listing of the designated student Zoom spaces, please visit:

Will the music practice rooms be open this fall?

Yes. The music practice rooms will be open for the fall semester. Please note that at this time winds/brass are not allowed to rehearse in practice rooms but may rehearse in outdoor tented spaces. The rules for the practice rooms are as follows:

*Students are on the honor system for following posted guidelines.

* Face coverings are to be worn at all times in practice rooms, even for singers.

* Practice room use is limited to one musician at a time.

* Practice rooms must be left unoccupied for 20 minutes between uses.

* Students should wipe all touched surfaces before and after they use them.

* Please only use disinfectant wipes to clean.

Where can I find help navigating OAKs and the teaching tools my faculty will be using this spring?

Register at to attend a workshop related to navigating OAKS or setting up the Pulse app, using Zoom, accessing and navigating VoiceThread, using LinkedIn Learning, tech sessions and more.

What was the rationale behind the spring break decision?

The spring break decision was motivated by health concerns for our campus, in line with CDC guidelines and SCDHEC, as well as decisions by other peer higher education institutions. Minimizing opportunities for travel and possible infection by removing spring break follows our ongoing comprehensive efforts to ensure our campus remains healthy.

Will online classes be offered for the spring semester?

Yes. We will be offering a similar format to the fall semester, namely online, hybrid and in-person.

Is in person attendance mandatory for hybrid classes?

The attendance policy for hybrid classes is articulated by each professor. Special circumstances related to a student will be considered carefully, but the student is responsible for addressing those circumstances directly with the professor if the believe an accommodation for attending class in person is warranted.

Because students have been struggling this semester will the Pass/Fail option be offered this semester?

There are currently no plans to offer the Pass/Fail option this semester, a decision that is in line with all other S.C. state institutions. Please note that we did not implement the Pass/Fail option for summer classes offered during the summer.

For additional FAQ please visit:

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Health and Wellness

Residence Halls and Dining