All the online classes I need are full. What are my options?

If students are unable to register for an in-person class, they should contact the course's department chair/program director who manages scheduling.

Will in-person classes have an online option built in for when a person is sick?

Each professor will be responsible for making the determination about offering an online component to an in-person class.

Will faculty office hours be offered remotely?

Yes. Some faculty will opt to provide office hours remotely. There may also be some who choose to offer in-person hours, but there will be flexibility.

Do students have the option of moving their face-to-face class online?

No. If a student signed up for an in-person class, the class must be attended in person unless the student has an illness or is required to isolate or quarantine. In that case, the student should work with the faculty member about how to best engage with the class.