How do I verify attendance in an online class?

Faculty are encouraged to utilize an assignment, syllabus quiz or introductory assignment to document engagement with course materials. Logging into OAKS does not designate course attendance. If you are uncertain about whether a student has “engaged” with your class to meet the threshold of “verification,” please consult with your department chair or academic program director before deleting the student from your class roll.

Can students attend class without a face covering due to a disability accommodation?

Please have students, who require a disability accommodation for the face covering requirement, contact the Center for Disability Services at SNAP@cofc.edu or 843.953.1431.

What should I do if I have students who refuse to wear face coverings in class?

In the event you have a student who refuses to comply with the face covering requirement in your class or office, you are within your rights to ask that student to leave the room and not return until he/she/they are willing to follow our campus-wide policy. If this does happen, we ask that you report this student for non-compliance using this form. Faculty may also consider penalties for class participation and attendance-related grades.

Can I allow a student in my hybrid class to only attend remotely?

Professors have the discretion to determine whether the nature of the course and the technology available lend themselves to remote instruction.

How can I help students who need technical support (e.g. laptop loan program, hotspots, technical difficulties)?

Professors should encourage students to seek assistance from the Student Instructional Technology Services.

What is required to include in my course syllabus? Who verifies that my syllabus conforms with the College's policy 7.6.10?

Visit the Academic Affairs syllabi web page. Department chairs and program directors are responsible for reviewing syllabus compliance.

I understand I am required to use OAKS and its Gradebook for my classes. Can I simply post all the grades at the end of the semester?

The best educational practice is to post grades frequently and provide regular feedback to students, and OAKS provides a common tool for students. This is particularly important during the first four weeks of the semester. Faculty are encouraged to submit a F.A.S.T. Referral for students who are struggling.

Can I reserve an outdoor space for my hybrid class or for extracurricular activities on the weekends?

All such requests should be submitted to Academic Affairs. Contact Mark Del Mastro (delmastromp@cofc.edu).

What are the accommodations for faculty on the tenure track?

The 2021-2022 Joint Memo on tenure, promotion, renewal and third-year review outlines the accommodations in place for major faculty reviews. Candidates, department chairs and deans are also reminded of the College’s standing tenure clock modification policy and the April 3, 2020 memo on pandemic-associated clock modifications. Faculty members considering requesting clock modifications should review all three documents, consult with their department chair or academic program director, and be mindful of deadlines for requesting clock modifications. The deadline was July 1, 2021 for candidates with mandatory reviews scheduled in 2021-2022.

What do I do if students are having trouble hearing me?

If students are having trouble hearing you in class or on Zoom, contact Mark Staples or Zach Hartje in IT.

What will be the hours and safety protocols for Addlestone Library in fall 2021?

Please visit the library website for current information on library hours. Safety protocols for the library will be the same as the current campus-wide protocols.

Can I ask my students if they are vaccinated?

No. Student Health Services is requesting this information from students, but it is being kept confidential.

Do I have to record my lectures?

No. Faculty can decide whether or not to record their lectures. This can be an effective way to allow students to review material they have missed because of an excused absence.

Do I have to give students the option of attending via Zoom for an in-person class?

No. Students who sign up for in-person classes are expected to attend in person.

What do I do if one of my students is in quarantine?

Please work with the student to make sure he/she/they have the opportunity to make up the work.

Do desks need to be wiped down between classes?

No, this will not be required but wipes will be available.

What protection measures are in place for classrooms?

The College has implemented many mitigation measures on campus to reduce the spread of COVID within our community. Some examples of these measures are:

Incentives and support for COVID vaccines resulting in:

    A 74% vaccination rate among all students
    A 80% vaccination rate among residential students
    Universal masking required in all classrooms
    Voluntary free testing provided weekly to all community members
    Free and accessible rapid self-testing options for faculty and staff
    Easily accessible rapid testing daily at SHS for symptomatic students
    Rigorous contact tracing with associated isolation and quarantine protocols for all CofC community members

Continued access to COVID vaccines on campus weekly for students and excellent access within the community for any remaining unvaccinated staff or faculty Hygiene protocols across campus

With all these measures already occurring on campus and in consultation with SC DHEC, classrooms in which students are spaced 3 feet apart are considered areas at lower risk for the transmission of COVID. (Note: For contact tracing purposes, close contact continues to be defined by CDC and SC DHEC as being in the presence of a positive case at less than 6 feet for more than 15 minutes over a 24-hour period)

How can faculty help reduce the spread of COVID-19 on campus?

Faculty are on the front lines with students and your efforts can make a material difference in reducing the spread of COVID in our community. Please be sure to:

  • Let students know to self-report if they have recently tested positive for COVID-19 or are identified as a close contact. This reporting tool is vital in helping Student Health provide supportive services for students and for identifying trends in cases
  • Maintain universal masking in classrooms
  • Discourage eating and drinking in the classroom
  • Promote an environment that discourages sick students from attending class
  • Always maintain 3 feet of distance in the classrooms — more if space allows
  • Discourage significant movement in the classroom
  • Minimize in-person group work unless 6 feet of distance can be maintained – consider holding groups outside

Do I have to be vaccinated to teach in person?

The College of Charleston strongly recommends its students, faculty and staff receive the COVID-19 vaccine. However, please note: a COVID-19 vaccination is not required for any student to enroll or an employee to work at the College of Charleston.

Where can I find resources on student engagement and creative ways to monitor engagement?

Check out the Teaching & Learning Team tutorials.

Do I have to follow a designated flow plan when entering and exiting buildings and classrooms?

No. The College will return to the normal pedestrian flow plan.