How do I document attendance during the period of virtual instruction for attendance verification purposes?

Faculty are encouraged to utilize an assignment, syllabus quiz or introductory assignment to document engagement with course materials. Logging into OAKS does not designate course attendance.

Can students attend class without a face covering due to a disability accommodation?

No. Students with a disability that warrants a reasonable accommodation to the mask policy must work with the Center for Disability Services. Potential options for these students include a looser face covering like a bandana, the option to request online courses or remote participation in face-to-face courses, or permission to excuse themselves from class for a "mask break" in a location free from other people. Attending class without a face covering is not among the reasonable accommodations determined by the Center for Disability Services.

Can I allow a student in my hybrid class to only attend remotely?

Professors have the discretion to determine whether the nature of the course and the technology available lend themselves to remote instruction.

Some students are having technological difficulties during synchronous Zoom sessions. Is there a way for them to get access to better equipment or wifi?

We have a laptop loaner program and will also loan hotspots to those who ask.They can go to the following link: https://it.cofc.edu/laptops/

What is required to include in my course syllabus? Who verifies that my syllabus conforms with the College's policy 7.6.10?

Visit Academic Affairs syllabi web page: https://academicaffairs.cofc.edu/faculty/syllabi/. Department Chairs and Program Directors are responsible for reviewing syllabus compliance.

I understand I am required to use OAKS and its Gradebook for my classes. Can I simply post all the grades at the end of the semester?

The best educational practice is to post grades frequently and provide regular feedback to students. This is particularly important during the first four weeks of the semester. Faculty are encouraged to submit F.A.S.T. reports for students who are struggling.

Can I reserve an outdoor space for my hybrid class or for extracurricular activities on the weekends?

All such requests should be submitted to Academic Affairs. Contact Mark Del Mastro (delmastromp@cofc.edu).

What are the accommodations for faculty on the tenure track?

According to Academic Affairs, our existing tenure clock modification policy is still in place, with provisions for candidates to request modifications due to pandemic-associated circumstances. Faculty members scheduled for future reviews may request a tenure clock modification. That deadline is September 1 for this year's candidates. It is much later for future candidates.

What do I do if students are having trouble hearing me?

If students are having trouble hearing you in class or on Zoom, contact Mark Staples or Zach Hartje in IT.

Are there clear masks for professors who need them to teach?

To help ensure safety and health, everybody must wear cloth/snug-fitting face masks. Faculty can request a special accommodation (approved by their chair and dean) to wear Badger Face Shield+ as an alternative for teaching purposes only (i.e. inside the classroom/lab). The College will not be buying these centrally.

What do I do if a student arrives in my class without a mask?

Remind the student that a mask is required to attend class. Provide a mask, if available, or send the student home.

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