Employee Information

Where do we go for our mask and hand sanitizer?

The College is providing two cloth face masks and one bottle of hand sanitizer to each faculty and staff member at no charge to their departments.

Each department should submit a request on behalf of all returning faculty and staff in their area(s) so delivery can be made to the department for distribution. Please use the following link to submit a Supply Distribution Form.

You will need to provide the following information on the form:

*Point of contact name

*Point of contact phone number

*Department name

*Delivery address

*Total quantity of masks

*Total quantity of hand sanitizer

*Names of employees receiving supplies

How/where do I get more personal protective equipment (PPE)?

For additional items or quantities, please initiate a normal requisition/purchase request via eProcure to Central Stores. When submitting the requisition please include the COVID-19 Activity code (A00001) alongside your departmental index and account. This will assist in tracking COVID-19-related expenses for possible reimbursement.

Once orders are received and processed by Central Stores, you will be contacted to coordinate a delivery date and time.

With all of the potential options from the school districts, when will an employee qualify for FFCRA/EFMLA leave for school situations?

At this point, school closure is defined as no ability to attend. If a school offers the choice of in-person vs. virtual, then the school is not closed on the days when the employee's child is allowed to attend school. Therefore, (for example) if an employee was allowed to send their child for in-person instruction on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the school is not closed on M/W/F and the employee is not entitled to FFCRA leave for those days, even if he/she opts to keep the child home. If the child is not permitted to attend certain days due to staggering of schedules, such as Tuesday and Thursday in this example, the employee would be eligible for FFCRA leave on those days if the employee cannot work from home. This guidance is based on the state's interpretation of the law and DOL information provided to date and we are closely monitoring the DOL's resources for confirmation of this interpretation. For more information, visit emergency.cofc.edu/families-first-coronavirus-response-act-employee-guidance

How are buildings being set up to be safe for people to work? Are there any buildings that will remain closed when we return back to campus?

Most buildings will remain locked until Sept. 14 and all buildings will be open after that date. Facilities Management has reviewed the operation of the HVAC systems, increased HVAC filter efficiency (MERV rating) where possible, will be posting hydration only signs at water fountains, is providing enhanced cleaning in classrooms and public areas, providing day porters to wipe down frequently touched surfaces, switched to EPA approved cleaning products, installed additional hand sanitizer stations at building entrances, defined building pedestrian circulation plans where applicable, installed Plexiglas barriers at key public facing reception areas and posted various signage regarding safety (face coverings, socials distancing, etc.)

How do employees make a special request for accommodation?

The College of Charleston recognizes that the COVID-19 pandemic presents many challenges for us as individuals, our families and other loved ones and our greater community. As a part of the College's efforts to protect and support our Cougar community, we see the clear need to be mindful of those among us who may be at a higher risk for severe symptoms or otherwise being severely impacted by COVID-19. It is in this spirit that the College has developed a COVID-19 Special Request for Accommodation process that will be available to both faculty and staff. Accommodations may include, but are not limited to, tele-commuting (where feasible), partial remote work/alternating days, staggered schedule, or flexible work schedule. Accommodations must be approved by the leadership in your division. COVID-19 Special Accommodations are temporary in duration and will be adjusted as conditions warrant. To apply for a special accommodation, use the links below to complete and submit the appropriate DocuSign request form to Human Resources for review and approval:

FACULTY: Request for Special Accommodation Form hr.cofc.edu/forms/#covid

STAFF: Request for Special Accommodation Form hr.cofc.edu/forms/#covidstaff

Given the uncertainty of the fall semester, what options do we have for paying for parking? If we pay for parking and don't end up using it, will we be reimbursed?

Employees have several options for parking/transportation for the fall semester. They may:

* opt for their regular assignment

* decline a parking permit completely

* select a new option, including a part-time permit created in response to employees who won't be on campus five days a week

* opt to use the discounted daily garage parking ($10/day) on a first come, first served basis in WG or PG, using Cougar Cash

* ride CARTA for free using their Cougar Card

Please refer to parkingservices.cofc.edu/parking/employees.php for additional information about these options.

The parking payment deadline remains Aug. 7 due to the requirements of our permit printer and the first payroll deduction will be Aug. 31; however, should you need to change or cancel your permit after that date, you may do so, and any payroll deductions will reflect the new selection/cancellation.

Additionally, should an employee decline parking at this time, they will be eligible to purchase a permit on a space-available basis upon their return to campus. Some lots and permit types (including part-time permits) may have only limited availability.

All employee lots will require a permit and all garages will return to normal function (entrance and exit gates lowered, permit or payment required) beginning Aug. 25. Student lots will remain open until Sept. 14 unless in use for move-in or maintenance. Please monitor your College of Charleston email for any updates.

How is mold in buildings being handled?

We are addressing any and all mold issues on a case-by-case basis.

How are offices being cleaned?

Facilities Management Custodial Services will conduct weekly office cleaning services that include: floor care and trash removal. Daily general building cleaning services include regularly cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, including building entrance doorknobs, handrails, light switches, elevator buttons, etc.; restroom maintenance; central area trash removal and routine cleaning, as was performed prior to the pandemic.

Departments are responsible for regularly cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces (door handles, light switches, phones, keyboards, desktops, file cabinets, water coolers, coffee pots, etc.); wiping down frequently touched items before and after use; regularly wiping down shared equipment, including copiers, fax machines, and common workspaces before and after use; and running individual faucets (labs, break areas, private restrooms, etc.) for about 10 minutes on the first day back to campus.

Additional information:

Sanitation supplies such as disinfectants and hand sanitizer are available to departments through Central Stores. Please do not throw away any disinfectant or hand sanitizer bottles or canisters that hold hand wipes. Due to shortages of hand wipes and pre-filled bottles of disinfectants, we are asking everyone to keep whatever containers they currently have so they may be refilled if necessary. Central Stores can assist with refill options.

Be certain to frequently wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol.

If you need additional service, Facilities Management is available via email at acilitiessupport@cofc.eduf or by telephone at 843.953.5550 to address any questions or concerns regarding your request.

For additional FAQ please visit:

Financial Aid https://cofc.edu/back-on-the-bricks/tuition-and-financial-aid/financial-aid/index.php

Health and Wellness https://cofc.edu/back-on-the-bricks/health-and-wellness/faq/index.php

Residence Halls and Dining https://cofc.edu/back-on-the-bricks/residence-halls-and-dining/faq/index.php