COVID-19 Dashboard

The College of Charleston’s COVID-19 Dashboard contains current information about case activity on campus and in the Charleston area. The university’s administration uses this information along with other metrics to inform decisions aimed at keeping the campus and surrounding community safe. This dashboard will be updated daily. Updates about case counts will be sent to members of the campus community every Wednesday.

A second dashboard that includes external metrics from the City of Charleston and the Medical University of South Carolina is also included below. College officials will regularly monitor these additional metrics to gain a better understanding of virus spread, testing capacity and other factors in the Charleston area and throughout South Carolina.

View the COVID-19 Dashboard Glossary

View the COVID-19 Dashboard FAQ

The dashboard below includes metrics and trends published by external agencies that are referenced regularly by the university’s administration. The College is not responsible for the timeliness or content. Please visit the direct links that are provided for more information.