Strategic Plan

cofc president - steering committeeThe College of Charleston has been engaged in a comprehensive and coordinated strategic planning effort that involved many members of our faculty, staff, students, alumni, community representatives and friends of the College.

The goal of this effort was to articulate a shared vision of the College’s future and to make that vision a reality through the identification of key strategic priorities and specific outcomes tied to actionable plans. This website served as a common point of reference to learn about our progress throughout this journey, as well as a place where members of our community could share their thoughts, ask questions and participate in an ongoing conversation about our shared future.

On May 7, 2020, the Board of Trustees approved the Strategic Plan.

Strategic Planning Approach 

Our objective was to make the strategic planning process collaborative, inclusive and transparent. Our goal was to create opportunities for deep listening and inclusive engagement. To that end, we hosted a series of interactive workshops, focus groups, interviews, surveys and other outreach efforts over the course of the strategic planning process. These opportunities allowed for input from a variety of stakeholders, including faculty, administration, staff, students, alumni, industry and community partners.

Strategic Planning Timeline 

The strategic planning process kicked off in August 2019. Workshops, focus groups, surveys and other engagement opportunities were offered from August through October. Following an initial draft of the strategic plan in early winter, additional opportunities for feedback were offered before the strategic plan was finalized in spring 2020.


Preparation and Planning

June - July

CofC phase 1
  • Review essential context and existing information
  • Conduct stakeholder interviews to get perspectives on the current state and input process
  • Clarify goals and outcomes

Engagement, info. gathering, and analysis

August - October

CofC phase 3
  • Gathering input from internal and external stakeholders via workshops, surveys, and web-based open comment tool
  • Form Strategic Planning Committee

Develop and finalize the plan

November - March

CofC phase 4
  • Strategic Planning Committee reviews / evolves mission, vision, values and develops strategic goals and priorities based on insights gleaned in Phase 2
  • Campus and stakeholder review and comment period
  • Board of Trustees approves the plan

Plan implementation approach

March - April

CofC phase 4
  • Ensure the governance structures and organizational processes are in place for effective plan implementation