Community Planning, Policy and Design

Master of Arts

Master of Arts

The Community Planning, Policy, and Design Program will be terminated with internal and external processes forthcoming, and a teach-out program administered for existing students.

(54 Credit Hours)

This program addresses the many dimensions of community building. Its innovative curriculum is designed to empower graduates to design and develop healthy, beautiful places while gaining knowledge of public policy, real estate economics, and transportation planning. The focus of the program is on the growing intersection of these skills and knowledge in today's increasingly complex development environment.

Graduates of the program will be prepared to work in city governments, development companies, architecture/urban design firms and other organizations.

Advantages of the Program

  • Offers a unique "progressive traditional" design ethos drawing upon the vibrant, multicultural, classical architecture of Charleston and other global cities.
  • Provides in-depth engagement with the major components of modern public policy via the Riley Center for Livable Communities.
  • Maintains a broad commitment to the critical issue of sustainability.
  • Dedicated to incorporating the economic realities of urban development into design education.
  • Offers a choice of electives dedicated to contemporary issues, such as ameliorating the social injustices of gentrification or designing for automated vehicles.
  • Facilitates internship opportunities and graduate assistantships with the City of Charleston and local design and development firms.


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