New Veteran & Military Student Checklist

Getting Started 

Apply for admission. 

Submit ALL transcripts from institutions you previously attended. NOTE: Failure to submit all transcripts may delay your VA benefits or cause inaccurate academic advising. 

After Notification of Advising 

Change your status from "accepted" to "student" 

You must change your status from "accepted" to "student," and set up access to your permanent account. From this point on, you'll use this permanent account for all business you conduct with the College. 

Visit the "Take the Next Steps" webpage for detailed instructions on how to set up access to your permanent account. 

Apply for education benefits or tuition (ASAP) 

Chapter 33 post-9/11 GI Bill 

  • Form 22-1990 - if you have never applied for GI Bill benefits. 
  • Form 22-1995 - if you have used your GI Bill benefits at another institution. 

Note: When you receive your Certificate of Eligibility, please email it to

Chapter 31 VA Vocational Rehab

If you are using Vocational Rehabilitation, your VR&E counselor will provide a 1905 form and a plan of service is developed to include education. This form is used in lieu of a Certificate of Eligibility (COE). 

Department of Defense Tuition Assistance (Active Duty, Guard or Reserve) 

When registered for courses, submit your TA Request for enrolled courses. 

When received, submit your approved semester-specific TA Request Authorization form (voucher) to the Treasurer's Office

Changes to Schedule (TA Only) 

Your voucher is course specific. Immediately notify the Treasurer's Office of any changes to your course schedule at 843.953.5572 or

Credit Hour Changes (TA Only) 

The College of Charleston charges $522* per credit hour. Military Tuition Assistance will pay $250 per credit hour and the student will be responsible for the remaining balance. However, there are other options to assist with the reamianing balance. Contact Financial Aid for more information at 843.953.5540. 

*Tuition and fees are subject to change. Visit the Treasurer's Office website for the most up-to-date information. 

Set up your College of Charleston email account 

Visit the "Take the Next Steps" webpage for detailed instructions on how to set up your College of Charleston email address. 

During your time at the College, you will use this email account for all college-related business. We recommend that you check this email account daily. 

Register for Orientation 

Visit the Orientation website for the latest information about New Student Orientation. 

Before Orientation 

Submit your immunization form (MANDATORY) 

The College of Charleston requires three vaccines (given within the last 10 years):

  • MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) 
  • Tetanus
  • Diphtheria and Pertussis (Tdap) 

Deadline for turning in a provider validated immunization record is June 1. Visit Student Health Services' website for information about uploading your immunizaiton records. 

If you have questions, please contact Student Health Services at 843.953.5520 or

Complete Lawful Presence (proof of U.S. Citizenship) 

Required by June 1 for U.S. citizens who haven't submitted the FAFSA. You must verify lawful presence before being permitted to register for classes during orientation. 

Correct your state of residency classification (if applicable) 

NOTE: You will receive notification if your residency needs to be corrected. For additional information, visit the Legal Residency website. 

File your FAFSA

This is not a step in using your VA education benefit; however, many veteran students qualify for Pell Grants, which do not need to be repaid. 

You can file your FAFSA here

Submit a photo for your Cougar Card (student ID) 

Visit the Cougar Card website for detailed information about how to submit your photo for your Cougar Card.

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Twitter: @CofCVMSS

Preparing for your advising appointment 

Prepare for your advising session 

Visit the Academic Advising and Planning Center to learn more about how newly admitted students can prep for their first advising session. 

  • Review the General Education Degree Requirements
  • Review the "major roadmaps" for the majors that interest you. 
  • Review the course requirements for different majors in which you might be interested. 
  • View course descriptions and requirements in the Academic Catalog System
  • Make a list of potential courses you are interested in taking. 

Before Orientation Day 

Set up your CofC email and make sure you can access it on your cell phone. 

Instructions: Log in to Cmail for the first time

Instructions: Set up Cmail on iPad or iPhone

*Don't forget to check your Cmail daily!*

Complete your orientation OAKS module 

If you received an email adding you to an academic advising OAKS module, please complete it before your assigned session.

Check your student email regarding any holds you might have. 

The orientation hold on your MyCharleston account is the one hold that should be there and will be removed on your assigned orientation date.

You can also view your holds in MyCharleston. 

After Registering 

Complete enrollment certification (mandatory) for Chapter 33 

To be certified for VA Benefits through the College of Charleston VA Certifying Official, students must submit a VA Enrollment Certification form for each semester so that you may access your funds.

Registration confirmation 

You will be able to see your confirmation on MyCharleston one week after you submitted your reservation form. Log onto, select the academic services tab, go to the orientation box and click on orientation registration confirmation.