Fall 2022 Convocation Discussion Assignments

Convocation is an annual celebration at which students and faculty gather to celebrate the official opening of the scholastic year. The College’s convocation welcomes new students to the liberal arts and sciences community and encourages them to consider their own intellectual journey.

 During the first part of the convocation experience, you will participate in small group discussions with student leaders at various locations on campus.  They will discuss how to get involved on campus, tips for succeeding during their first week of classes and other important first-year student information. 

If you live on campus, you can arrive at your designated location on your own from your residence hall to the location.  The times for departure and the room locations are at the bottom of this email.   There will be various stations on campus where you can stop and ask for directions – look for the signs at each station. 

If you are an off-campus student, you should report to the Silcox Physical Education and Health Center (#34b on a campus map) between 9:40-9:55 am.  You will check in and be directed to your discussion room. 

During the second part of convocation, you along with other new students will pass through the arch at Porters Lodge to the Cistern Yard where you will be welcomed by President Hsu and Provost Austin.  At the conclusion of the events on the Cistern Yard, you can sign the Cougar Commitment and enjoy a brief reception

The students will begin to leave their residence halls at 9:45 am with the discussions scheduled to begin at 10:00 am. The conversations will be approximately 45 minutes and the faculty will lead their student groups to Porter’s Lodge.  The program is scheduled to conclude around 11:30 am. The program is just for students so you can make arrangements to meet up with families after the program at 11:30 am.   

For more information regarding convocation, please refer to http://www.cofc.edu/convocation/index.php


Residence Hall

Departure Time

Berry Residence Hall

9:40 AM

Kelly and Warren

9:45 AM

Buist and Rutledge

9:45 AM


9:45 AM


9:45 AM


9:45 AM

McConnell, Historic Houses, George

9:45 AM

Commuter Students

Arrive by 9:45 am at Silcox Gym


If you do not see your residence hall room on this chart, please email thecollegereads@cofc.edu for your assignment. 


10 am Discussion Room

1 Warren  210C-214B

Maybank Hall, room 320

1 Warren 110-210B

Robert Scott Small Building, room  248

1 Warren 214C-313A

Maybank Hall, room 101

1 Warren 313B-317B

Education Center, room 102

1 Warren 318 - 10 Warren 120A-123C

Maybank Hall, room  116

10 Warren 123D - 221C

Maybank Hall, room 112

10 Warren 221D-224D

Tate Center, room 132

10 Warren 225A - 321C

Robert Scott Small Building, room 250

10 Warren 321D - 325A

Maybank Hall, room 105

10 Warren 325B - 321D

Robert Scott Small Building, room 249

10 Warren 420A - 425D

Tate Center, room 304

10 Warren 427-523C

Education Center, room 202

10 Warren 523D - 527D

Maybank Hall, room 222

20 Warren 131-135B

Maybank Hall, room 104

20 Warren 135C - 233D

Maybank Hall, room 300

20 Warren 234A - 331D

Maybank Hall, room 319

20 Warren 332A - 335D

Education Center, room 108

20 Warren 336A - 424C

Education Center, room 109

20 Warren 434D - 437C, Berry Hall 111-113

Education Center, room 110

Berry Hall 114-206

Beatty Center, room 212

Berry Hall 207-214A

Beatty Center, room 220

Berry Hall 214 - 226A

Maybank Hall, room 113

Berry Hall 226B - 233B

Maybank Hall, room 117

Berry Hall 233C - 303A

Education Center, room 114

Berry Hall 303B - 310B

Maybank Hall, room 220

Berry Hall 310C - 316C

Maybank Hall, room 110

Berry Hall 319A - 329B

Stern Center, room 201

Berry Hall 329C - 336C

Stern Center, room 205

Berry Hall 339A - 407A

Maybank Hall, room 207

Berry Hall 407B - 425B

Education Center, room 115

Berry Hall 426A - 433B

Robert Scott Small, room 252

Berry Hall 433C - 503A

Maybank Hall, room 100

Berry Hall 503B - 510C

Maybank Hall, room 208

Berry Hall 511 - 527B

Maybank Hall, room 223

Berry Hall 528A - 605B

Maybank Hall, room 115

Berry Hall 606A - 619B

Education Center, room 113

Berry Hall 620A - 629C

Robert Scott Small Building, room 251

Berry Hall 630A - 632B; Buist Rivers 201-213

Robert Scott Small Building, room 101

Buist Rivers 216-403

Maybank Hall, room 307

Buist Rivers 404-416; College Lodge 300-307

Maybank Hall, room 316

College Lodge 308-402

Maybank Hall, room 322

College Lodge 403-501

Education Center, room 219

College Lodge 502-522

Maybank Hall, room 210

College Lodge 523-618; Craig Hall 220A-223C

Education Center, room 120

Commuter Students

Silcox Gym

Craig Hall 223D- 236B

Maybank Hall, room 107

Craig Hall 330A-336B; George St Apartments (all freshman rooms), Kelly House 101A-106A

Maybank Hall, room 304

Kelly House 106B-109, 113-302

Robert Scott Small Building, room 104

Kelly House 110-112, 303, 412

Robert Scott Small Building, room 102

Kelly House 413-415, Liberty 102-121

Maybank Hall, room 211

Liberty 122-153

Maybank Hall, room 111

Liberty 155-223

Education Center, room 112

Liberty 224-253

Robert Scott Small Building, room 106

Liberty 254-321

Maybank Hall, room 302

Liberty 322-351

Maybank Hall, room 303

Liberty 352-418

Maybank Hall, room 317

Liberty 420-445

Maybank Hall, room 206

Liberty 447-529

Education Center, room 101

Liberty 531-621

Education Center, room 103

Liberty 622-652

Maybank Hall, room 103

Liberty 653-655; McConnell 102-106

Beatty Center, Room 320

McConnell 107-204

Education Center, room 116

McConnell 205-210

Robert Scott Small Building, room 105

McConnell 301-306

Education Center, room 203

McConnell 307-403

Maybank Hall, room 219

McConnell 403-408

Maybank Hall, room 224

McConnell 409-410; Rutledge Rivers 101-203

Education Center, room 111

Rutledge Rivers 203-304

Maybank Hall, room 108

Rutledge Rivers 305-406

Maybank Hall, room 306