Weather Policy

(For the Spring Ceremonies, which are held outdoors.)

The President’s Office and the Office of Environmental Health and Safety monitor the weather for Commencement weekend 24 hours a day.

If inclement weather occurs, the President’s Office will make an announcement that will be prominently displayed on the College of Charleston website home page ( as well as on local TV and radio stations. There is a possibility that this will delay the start time of the ceremony, and if so, this information will be included in the announcement.

The same ticket restrictions apply for the TD Arena: each candidate may still have only up to four (4) ticketed guests, regardless of age. The satellite viewing areas will still be open and will stream the ceremony live from the arena.

If the Friday ceremony moves to TD Arena, there is still a chance that the Saturday ceremonies will be held in Cistern Yard the following day if the weather improves. However, if the Saturday morning ceremony is moved to TD Arena, the Saturday afternoon ceremony will automatically be held there as well.

Once a ceremony begins in Cistern Yard, there is no possibility that it will be moved to TD Arena. If it rains, people will get wet. If lightning or other dangerous weather arises, the ceremony will be cut short and everyone will be given instructions on how to exit Cistern Yard safely. The latter scenario is unlikely, given that the weather is monitored carefully before each ceremony.