Commencement Eligibility

Rules for Participation in the Undergraduate Commencement Ceremonies

Apply to Graduate

A graduation application is required before a student is eligible to participate in an upcoming Winter or Spring Commencement Ceremony. Failure to complete the application promptly can result in a delay in both degree posting and diploma ordering, and it can also result in the student's name being omitted from the commencement program and ceremony ticket list. (Participation in commencement is assumed and encouraged, however, it is not mandatory.) Visit Commencement Information for more information.

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Eligibility for Spring 2021 Commencement

All students simply submit a Graduation Application (see application links above) in the term in which they intend to complete degree requirements. Petitions to participate are not required, and graduates do not need to inform us they plan to participate. If you have applied to graduate, you will be automatically included on the commencement list. (Eligibility restrictions may apply. Please contact if you have trouble applying to graduate.) You do not need to inform us of your choice of ceremony. If you are eligible according to the rules stated here, you will be on the list to receive tickets. Visit Commencement Information for more information.

Please be advised that participation in a commencement ceremony does not equal graduation. Students must meet all graduation requirements before a degree is conferred. Diplomas will be mailed to the diploma mailing address listed on the Graduation Application 6 to 8 weeks following degree conferral.

Who is eligible to participate in the upcoming Commencement Ceremonies?

  • Students who applied to graduate for Spring 2021 or Summer 2021 graduation.
  • Students who graduate(d) successfully in the Fall 2020 term.
  • College of Charleston undergraduate students should participate in the commencement ceremony for which they are eligible. (This is the term in which degree requirements are completed.) Students may participate once per degree completed.

Eligible students noted above do not have to inform our office; your eligibility is automatic. 

Students who were eligible to participate in the May 2020 commencement ceremony are eligible to participate in the May 2021 commencement ceremony. Candidates from the May 2020 ceremony who wish to participate in the May 2021 commencement ceremony must notify the graduation team at

Information for Students with Multiple Majors

If you are an undergraduate student graduating with multiple majors, you must select which major you wish to walk with when you complete the participation survey. All majors completed (Fall) or in progress (Spring/Summer) during the academic year will be recognized. When you make your major selection you will be selecting the Commencement Ceremony you must attend. You may only participate in one ceremony, and you may not participate with schools/majors other than your own. Visit Commencement Information for more information.