General Process

Do I have to choose my room or will one be assigned to me?

Students who reaffirmed their interest in housing through the College received an email July 9, 2020 from Campus Housing with placement or assignment instructions.

Now that the start of in-person classes has been delayed, when is move-in and what is the process for the residence halls and houses?

The College of Charleston has delayed move-in for residential students, which was previously scheduled to take place August 20-23. All students will be required to schedule a new move-in timeslot. New move-in dates are tentatively scheduled for September 11-13. Procedures for scheduling a move-in timeslot are being finalized and will be announced soon. We encourage you to wait to make travel arrangements until you have a confirmed move-in timeslot.

I have extenuating circumstances and need to move in prior to the start of classes on August 25. How do I request an exemption?

All students who had housing assignments for fall 2020 received the following information via their College of Charleston email address.

We understand that some students have special circumstances and will need to move in prior to the start of classes on August 25. For those students who require on-campus housing during these first few weeks of online instruction, we have developed a process to apply for an exemption. Exemptions will be limited and granted to students who are homeless, international or have other extenuating circumstances that require them to live on campus prior to the start of classes.

* Students who receive this exemption must follow strict face covering and social distancing protocols as outlined in our Back on the Bricks plan (go.cofc.edu/bricks) and will not be eligible for discounted housing.

* Students who are allowed to move in prior to August 20 will be charged a fee for each night that they live on campus prior to that date.

* If a student is granted an exemption, it is likely they will be placed in a room other than their 2020-2021 assignment for safety and building-access control, and they will be required to move to their assigned room prior to regular move-in.

* Students will also not have visitation and will be required to comply with all College policies and protocol including health and safety.

* Move-in for students who are granted an exemption is scheduled for August 23.

* Students who are granted an exemption will be required to purchase a meal plan that will provide access to three to-go meals from City Bistro daily. The meal plan will be valid starting with dinner on August 23 and ending with lunch on September 11. Meal-plan pricing for exempted students will be provided before August 23.

* In most cases, it is safer for students to remain where they currently are in order to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Students who wish to apply for an exemption to move in prior to residence halls opening in September, need to complete the application, via the link provided in their email, no later than 11:59 p.m. EST on August 5. They will be notified of the College's decision to grant or deny the request no later than 5:00 p.m. on August 12.

Why do I have to agree to another document (housing contract addendum) to live on campus?

The contract addendum has important updates that were not available to students when they originally agreed to the housing contract. Students who were still interested in living in housing available through the College had to agree to the housing contract addendum on July 8, 2020.

How will priority for on-campus housing be determined?

Campus Housing made keeping incoming students on campus its top priority. Now that we know we can accommodate all students who reaffirmed their interest in housing through the College, students will select their rooms as follows. All students will be assigned a timeslot to select their room. Timeslots will be assigned to incoming students based on the date that they completed their housing application with priority given to those who completed the application first. Timeslots will be assigned to returners based on the number of credit hours they have earned with priority given to those who have the most hours. Bridge students will be placed in housing and will not select their room.

If I cancel my housing, can I still get a meal plan?

Yes. Students can apply for a meal plan by clicking on the yellow Fall 2020 Commuter Student Meal Plan selection button on the MyHousing/Dining portal under MyCharleston.

Can I live with the roommate I chose when I applied?

Please refer to Tips for selecting a roomate in the July 9, 2020, email from Campus Housing.

If I select a space during room selection and later want to pick a new space, can I?

Yes, you can cancel your room to pick another; however, once you cancel the space, it is available for other students to select.

How will I know when I am supposed to select housing?

Incoming students who complete the addendum will be emailed directions on how to select a room and their scheduled time. This email will be sent no later than July 9, 2020, at 5:00 p.m.

When I applied for housing I listed the buildings I wanted to be placed in. Are these still valid? (incoming students)

No, those preferences were to be used for room placements, but now students will be selecting their own spaces based on the new room configurations. To see a full list of buildings with descriptions, please go to the Campus Housing website housing.cofc.edu and look under the Residence Halls page.

When will I get my Cougar Card since we're attending virtual orientations?

Students living in on-campus housing will get their Cougar Cards during the check-in process for move-in. We are making plans for pick-up for students living off-campus and will email those students with more information once it's available. Incoming students need to submit their photos online by August 1 to help ensure their cards are ready for move-in. Further instructions are available on the Cougar Card website http://cougarcard.cofc.edu/online-photo-submission-for-new-students/index.php

If I live on campus and need to isolate or quarantine on campus, how will I get food?

Dining Services is working with campus partners to provide meal delivery service to residential students who may have to isolate or quarantine on campus. Meal Swipes or Dining Dollars will be used to cover the cost of meals delivered. Meal charges will be placed on the student's eBill if the student does not have a meal plan or Dining Dollars, or if the meal plan or Dining Dollars are insufficient to cover all meals delivered.

When do the residence halls / dining halls close?

The residence halls will close December 15 at noon and dining options will be available through December 15 at 11 a.m.


What will the cost of on-campus and off-campus housing be next year?

Rates for housing can be found on the Campus Housing website (housing.cofc.edu) under the Residence Halls section.

Off Campus

I signed the contract addendum by the July 8, 2020, deadline. Will I be assigned on or off campus?

Now that the July 8 deadline has passed and we know the full demand for housing, we're pleased to announce that the College has enough spaces to accommodate every single incoming student and returner who signed the addendum.

If I opted to live off campus, do I need to get a meal plan?

No, however, Campus Housing does suggest that you consider a meal plan since it will give you a good connection to campus and will be a convenient way to eat close to your classes on campus.


When is move-in?

Move-in is no longer scheduled for August 20 – 23. When new move-in dates are announced, all students will be required to schedule a new move-in timeslot.

Do I need to move in all of my stuff and get set up in two hours?

That depends. Each time slot is for two hours with a one-hour break in between slots. If you will have other people assisting you and you will need more time than this for setup, discuss your plans with your roommate / suitemate and select nonadjacent time slots accordingly. If you are unable to coordinate with your roommate, you may continue to set up with the people helping you beyond your scheduled two hours until your roommate/suitemate arrives. After that point in time, anyone helping you will need to leave the residence hall. Additionally, anyone who is helping you outside of the two-hour time slot must limit their movement to and from the residence hall.


Residents may bring no more than two people with them into the residence halls or houses to assist with move-in.

You and anyone helping you will be required to wear face coverings while inside the residence halls and houses. You will need to bring these with you.

Will we be able to use elevators if a residence hall has one?

Yes, but access will be limited to one family group at a time to allow for social distancing. We are encouraging anyone who can to use the stairs.

Am I allowed to stay/sleep in my room after I move in?

Yes. We do ask that if your roommate is moving in after you, with the assistance of other people, you consider leaving the room while they set up. This will allow for social distancing and gives them some time to get settled. If you are in the room with people other than your roommate, you and they will all need to wear face coverings.

I used STASH through Campus Housing for move-out in the spring and am returning to on-campus housing. How can I get my items dropped back off to my residence hall?

Please contact STASH at 800.230.0308 or help@stashstorage.com and request a drop-off. You must provide the student's name (since some accounts only have the family's name), Fall 2020 building, suite (if appropriate) and bedroom. Campus Housing will coordinate the delivery of items with STASH and will provide you with more information as we finalize those details.

Dining Services

Which dining locations will be open?

All residential dining locations including Liberty Fresh Food Co., City Bistro and Marty's Place will be open and providing a full complement of meal choices. All retail locations except for Stern Food Court will be open as well. Chick-fil-A and Einstein Bros. will have reduced menu options in compliance with the latest brand standards to expedite service and reduce wait times. We are making modifications to our services and possibly hours of operation in some locations so that we can safely and efficiently provide a variety of quality dining options.

Will we be able to eat inside the dining facilities?

Yes, in some of the dining facilities. We have reduced indoor seating in all residential and retail locations to conform with best practices and physical distancing guidelines. Due to the size of City Bistro and Chick-fil-A, we have eliminated indoor seating; however, seating will be available in our outdoor courtyard areas.

How will dining facilities be cleaned?

Dining Services will be following operational and cleaning procedures as recommended by the CDC and SC Department of Health and Environmental Control.