Employee Information

At the College, we are committed to supporting our employees as we systematically return to campus over the summer and into the fall.

The College’s three-phase Return-to-Work-on-Campus Plan includes guidelines for employees returning to work on campus.

All employees are expected to fully comply with the protocols and guidelines. Failure to do so may result in corrective action. If at any point you wish to report a concern regarding compliance with these guidelines, please contact Sandra Cultra in the Office of Human Resources at 843.953.7320.

Phase 1 began on May 26. During each phase, face coverings, wipes and hand sanitizer will be available at a central location on campus.

Employees should review the Return to Work on the Campus Plan along with CDC information about handwashing, stopping the spread of germs and face coverings. Visit www.cdc.gov/coronavirus.

On June 29 the state announced modified guidance to state agencies regarding Phase 2, which requires a return to normal service levels while maintaining minimal staffing levels. According to the updated guidance, agencies are to begin implementing Phase 2 on July 6. As such, the College will implement a gradual, phased-in process to reopen some key services to the public.

During Phase 2, the College will gradually resume normal operations to the extent possible while adhering to social distancing and other public health–related recommendations. We will continue to stagger employees’ return to workplace schedules or rotating teams of employees into the workplace on different days to promote social distancing. Work-from-home is still strongly encouraged to limit disease transmission.

Staffing During Phase 2

During Phase 2, employees whose in-office presence is not required to support normal service levels may continue to be permitted to work from home to decrease the amount of individuals present in the workplace. Additionally, employees who work in close proximity to other employees in an indoor environment may be permitted to work from home some days of the week to allow for social distancing. For example, an office employs 10 individuals in a cubicle environment may decide to assign five per day to be physically present in the office to allow more space between work stations and should require the remaining employees to continue to work from home on days they are not assigned to report to the workplace. Offices may also implement staggered schedules or rotating teams of employees into the workplace on different days to promote social distancing.

Final decisions regarding which services need to reopen and when, and who should be permitted to return to work on campus during this phase, are the responsibility of the division head.

Only minimal staffing on campus for reopened services will be permitted, and all social distancing, face covering and other public health measures must be maintained.


As during Phase 1, employees who are directed to return to the workplace in Phase 2 are reminded to self-monitor symptoms and not report to the workplace if sick and/or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. Contact your supervisor immediately if you need to stay off campus.

Public Health Guidance and Workplace Modifications During Phase 2

Employees should continue to follow all public health guidance outlined in Phase 1 including social distancing, regular handwashing, cleaning high-contact surfaces, etc. All workplace modifications, display signage, and practices related to PPE and cleaning that were implemented in Phase 1 should be continued in Phase 2. Employees are encouraged to take periodic breaks in the workday to clean their work stations and high-touch areas in the personal work environment.

Face Masks/Cloth Face Coverings

Employees who return to the workplace during Phase 2 will follow the same guidelines described in Phase 1.

Employees who may be at Higher Risk for Severe Symptoms or Severely Impacted by COVID-19 
The College recognizes the clear need to be mindful of those among us who may be at a higher risk for severe symptoms or otherwise being severely impacted by COVID-19. It is in this spirit that, we have developed a COVID-19 Special Request for Accommodation process. You may find more information about the COVID-19 Employee Special Request for Accommodation Process at employee-information/accommodation.  

Leave Options 

If you need more information about leave options (emergency paid sick leave, expanded Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA), FMLA, sick leave, annual leave, etc.), please refer to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) leave guidance for more options and to apply for leave under the FFCRA at families-first-coronavirus-response-act-employee-guidance or contact Human Resources at 843.953.5512.

For more information about the FFCRA, visit www.dol.gov/sites/dolgov/FFCRA

Conducting Meetings

During Phase 2, departments should continue to conduct internal meetings through telephone or video conferencing to the maximum extent possible to promote social distancing. In-person internal meetings resume only to the extent that social distancing is possible, and face masks/cloth face coverings are worn and should be done by scheduling appointments in advance.

Interactions with the Public

Departments may resume face-to-face interactions with the public necessary in normal service levels, but should rigorously manage those interactions to promote social distancing and reduce opportunities for transmission of the disease. For example:

  • Both the employee and member of the public will be required to wear face masks/coverings throughout the interaction.
  • To the extent possible, departments should identify one area within the office where all face-to-face meetings with members of the public will be conducted.
  • Areas where face-to-face meetings are being held should have clear social distancing markings. Departments may procure marking supplies from Central Stores. Please refer to the CDC for further guidance on social distancing www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/social distancing
  • Areas where face-to-face meetings are held should be wiped down with disinfecting solutions or wipes after each meeting is concluded and before another meeting is held. Departments are responsible for ensuring that areas are thoroughly cleaned each evening.
  • When at all possible, interactions should be done by scheduling appointments in advance.

Employee Exposure Protocols

All processes and procedures for handling a positive case in the workplace that were established during Phase 1 will continue during Phase 2.

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