Course Schedule and Registration

Fall 2020 Course Schedule and Registration Information

The College of Charleston is committed to providing students with a high-quality educational experience on campus and through courses delivered online. Our first priority is the health and safety of our community. To that end, adaptations to the fall schedule have been made to offer students flexibility and choice in how they access courses. Between 20-30% of all courses offered in the fall will be delivered exclusively online allowing students to access instruction from on or off campus. The number and percentage of courses offered online and/or in person varies by discipline and department. Students seeking a fully on-campus learning experience will be able to enroll in courses scheduled in the classroom, however due to social distancing requirements these courses will typically also include an online component. In addition, a number of large non-academic spaces will be available for instruction. Students seeking a fully online experience will find several course options, but please recognize that not all courses will be available online. Faculty have been working all summer to design engaging, high-quality courses that will meet the many challenges of the fall 2020 environment.

graphic of course types

The fall Concise Schedule of Courses has been updated to reflect three types of course delivery:

  1. Exclusively Online (ONL) with asynchronous delivery.  Students enrolled in these courses will access course material, complete assignments, and assessments according to the course syllabus but there are no scheduled days or meeting times.&#160
  2. Exclusively Online + Online Scheduled Meetings (ONL/OSM) with synchronous delivery. Students enrolled in these courses will attend class at the same time(s) and days(s) each week. Class will be conducted using an online platform (e.g. Zoom). 
  3. In-Person (meeting days/times listed). Due to public health guidance on social distancing, courses delivered in-person will look a little different in fall 2020. Sometimes students will attend class in the assigned location at the designated day and time. Other times, there will be alternative learning arrangements including online components. The specifics of each in-person course will vary depending on the department and/or the professor. Specific details will be included on the course syllabus. 

Note to Continuing Students:  If you pre-registered for fall classes last spring, please check your schedule. Some of your courses may have changed delivery method or class meeting time/location. New Student Orientation for incoming and transfer students is underway July 6-Aug. 7. During this time, registration is closed to continuing students. However, you will be able to make changes to your schedule using drop/add beginning Aug.8. If you have questions or concerns, or need immediate assistance, please contact your academic advisor or your major department chair. If you are undeclared, you may reach out to your academic advisor in the Academic Advising and Planning Center, but please be advised that they are fully engaged in orientation and it may take longer than usual to receive a reply. 

Note to Incoming & Transfer Students:  New students will be advised and register for classes during their assigned New Student Orientation session. Departments manage enrollments in courses to ensure that every incoming student can create a schedule of classes that reflects their interests and degree plans. Like continuing students, new students will be able to make changes to their schedule after Orientation using drop/add beginning Aug. 8