George Metropolis wants to be a professional actor. At the College, he’s preparing himself for that. Right from his freshman year, he’s performed in large- and small-scale productions that have complemented his coursework, allowed him to challenge and stretch himself, and given him the confidence to continue working toward his goal.

“My experience in the theatre department has been exceptional. I studied theatre in high school, so I came to the College expecting to be a star. I’m sure that happens for a lot of young actors. I was quickly knocked off my high horse. I saw a lot of good work here that first year, and yes, a lot of work that I criticized, but all together, it opened my eyes.”

As a freshman, George was given the opportunity to play the lead in a Main Stage play (The Seagull). “Some professors like to cast freshmen, who are usually the least-known actors at the College. That gives freshmen an opportunity to perform in a big production in front of a large audience and thereby get into the program more easily. You might think that those roles would be reserved for upperclassmen, but that’s not always the case. I really appreciate that.”

In one of his classes, George studied 17th- and 18th-century comedies. “For one assignment, the professor gave each student and a partner a five-minute scene to memorize and perform. We had to direct ourselves and develop our own choreography, and then we performed that scene for the class. After that, we had a workshop session and commented on each other’s performances. Because of that structure, it was more than just criticism, it was constructive.”

George says he feels supported and fortunate to be here. “It’s not just the department, but also the many active theatre organizations in this community that provide opportunities for student performers. My roommate was in a local show and our professors direct and act in local shows all the time. When you add in all the productions at the College, I’d say it’s very fertile ground for anyone interested in theatre.”

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Janine McCabe
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Department of Theatre and Dance

Experience theatre in a liberal arts environment! From acting to designing and from directing to playwriting, our students encounter ideas, theories, techniques and experiences that enable them to excel. The department promotes a love of learning, a desire for excellence and professional behavior in its students and faculty through rigorous coursework and high artistic standards, all of that underscored by our ambitious production schedule.

❱❱ Students have multiple opportunities to explore practical experiences in productions ranging from large scale to small studio.

❱❱ We offer concentrations in performance, scenic/lighting design and technology, costume design and technology and theatre for youth.