Public Health

How does Maja Grzejdziak describe the public health major at the College of Charleston? “Awesome,” she says. “If you are interested in working with people or providing care, this is the perfect major. It has broad application, and the field is growing so quickly, which means there’s a huge market and huge demand for graduates from this major.”

Maja came to the College because she was interested in women’s health issues. She quickly became involved in an active women’s health research team.

“My goal was always to go to medical school,” she explains. “Then I realized that so many healthcare providers are coming out of public health programs. Even health educators, nurses, clinicians, administrators and health lawyers have public health backgrounds. So, it’s really reassuring to know that what I am studying is actually implemented outside of the classroom.”

Along with her coursework, Maja has participated in numerous internship opportunities, including a six-week stint where she shadowed healthcare providers in various roles throughout an entire community hospital system.

She also joined a research team of students and professors working on public health related issues. “I never thought I would work in this area, but I love it. We’re examining how people in rural South Carolina are receiving health care. Fewer people in those areas have health insurance and they have less access to health care than people in urban areas. So our project is looking at access options.”

For Maja, that research is hugely valuable. “I get to study how to fix problems in public health. That’s amazing. And the faculty offer tremendous support. Both the professors and the program director really focus on helping students get internships, and then jobs for the careers they want.”

Maja is still intent on medical school, but she’s now taking a slightly different approach. “Every student should check out public health because it’s growing and very hands-on.” And definitely awesome.

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Contact Information

Christy Kollath-Cattano
program director
Department of Health and Human Performance

Our major offers students a broad understanding of factors impacting population health as well as the opportunity to work with diverse faculty who are exceptional scholars and leaders. Graduates are prepared for entry-level careers, allied health professional programs and graduate programs in public health, health promotion, epidemiology, biostatistics, health policy and environmental health.

With strong local, national and international ties to public health organizations, this program exposes our students to unique research and internship opportunities that include advocacy, program implementation and hands-on field work.

❱❱ Recent internships – both local and international – have been in areas such as nutrition, AIDS awareness and water sanitation.