Professional Studies

Prepare for life and work in the 21st century by completing your bachelor's degree. Choose from eight concentrations designed for adult learners.

Why choose professional studies?

There are 37 million Americans with some college credits but no degree. Earning a bachelor's degree is your next step. Whether you're interested in changing industries or advancing within your current company, the Professional Studies program can help. To better serve non-traditional (adult) students, classes are held online, in person or through the video conferencing platform Zoom.

Why study professional studies at the College of Charleston?

The professional studies program equips you with the knowledge and practice you need to prepare you for success in today's leading industries. The Professional Studies core courses further your leadership and critical thinking skills while helping you understand the key issues that affect a 21st-century global society. As a Professional Studies student, you'll choose an industry-relevant concentration on which to focus your studies.


Applied Communications

Go beyond the fundamental theory of communication and study communication as it applies to a specific profession. This concentration allows for a lot of flexibility. Design your coursework to focus on public relations, marketing, social media, customer service management or internal engagement.

Construction Management

This concentration builds on the knowledge and skills you have learned from the technical college system. It teaches you how to integrate and manage the key components of the beginning-to-end construction and job site management process. Learn how to use modern technology to map out the key elements of a construction management project.

Healthcare & Medical Services Management

In this program, you will learn how to lead and manage organizations in the healthcare sector. You'll study strategic planning, organizational design and development, staffing, marketing, operations management and multi-level performance assessment. If you're ready to be a leader in the non-clinical side of healthcare, this program is for you. 

Hospitality Operations Management

The hospitality and tourism industry is growing - and fast. In this program, you'll hone your skills by studying corporate decision making, cost control procedures and sales and negotiations. This program is flexible so you can choose from topics like events management, foodservice operations and hotel management.

Legal Studies

By building on what you have learned as a legal assistant, paralegal or student, this concentration teaches you how to support the administration system within the legal industry. Learn how to effectively operate and manage a law office while advancing your legal research and writing skills.

Organizational Management & Development

Organizational management and development skills are applicable across all industries. In this program, you'll further your leadership skills, but more importantly, you'll learn how to add value to an organization. You'll study strategic planning, organizational design, staffing, supervision and coaching, multi-level performance assessment and organizational development.

Project Management

Project management is one of the fastest-growing professions. Learn how to be a leader by developing an understanding of the project management process. You will gain an understanding of scoping, task mapping and integration, budgeting, procurement, stakeholder relations, supervision of project teams and completion management.

Quality & Risk Management

This concentration teaches you to effectively identify and address quality and risk within organizational activities. You'll learn how to identify quality issues and develop a plan to correct these problems. Leaders in this profession add value to their organization by helping reduce risk and maximize resources.

“The syllabus and work are structured in a way that you have to apply what you’re learning. I’m able to implement what I’m learning immediately in my legal assistant job.”

- student


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