Physical Education

Cameron Brown is psyched! He's wanted to be teacher for a long time. Now, he’s getting the knowledge and experience he’ll need to excel in that profession. “I’m in class three days a week, and in public schools the other days. My professors are awesome and the classes are fantastic. I really look forward to them.”

Cameron says he’s always had amazing teachers. Couple that with his enduring love of athletics and it’s no surprise that he chose physical education as his major.

Whether he’s running (he competes year-round), playing intramurals (he’s on several teams) or sailing (he’s on the College’s development team) – Cameron is all in. He’s also committed to helping others. For example, he regularly volunteers with Chucktown Squash, a sports program at the College for elementary and middle school students.

“When I come out of class, I’m pumped,” he says. “Teaching is something I know I do well, and I love interacting with kids. In one class, a group of us has designed a curriculum for kindergartners and we’re in the middle of implementing that plan. Afterward, we’ll assess how well that program taught the standards that these kids are required to learn.”

Like all physical education majors, Cameron has to take courses in physiology, anatomy and kinesiology (the study of human movement). “Those form an important basis for the other things we study, but they do tend to make this a challenging major. Fortunately, we’re well supported by the faculty. I feel like they’re all on my team and doing everything they can to help me become a better teacher.”

During his final semester, Cameron will do his clinical practice, meaning he’ll essentially be a full-time teacher. “It might be a little intimidating, but I’m excited about it. I’ll be designing my own curriculum and teaching a class of 20-plus kids. And the best part is, I know I’ll have a strong background and support from the College.”

Physical Education - Cameron Brown

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Karen Smail
program director
Department of Health
and Human Performance

Our students come to understand the scientific and philosophical bases of physical education and sport. They learn to analyze movement, and study the teaching-learning process.

This program prepares them to teach physical education in grades pre-K through 12, or teach in continuing– or community-education programs as well as alternative school settings.

❱❱ Our program is accredited nationally and in the state of South Carolina.

❱❱ Our students complete more than 150 hours in pre-K through 12 public schools.

❱❱ Our PETE teaching and research lab enables students to use the latest technology.

❱❱ Our graduates are certified to teach grades pre-K through 12.