European Studies

Interdisciplinary Minor


“Even with the recent rise of India and China in the business sector, Europe remains the most important market in today’s global economy. Around the world, the European Union is an economic force. For business students, this means one thing: be prudent, be a European studies minor.”
– Nick Buchan ’08

Europe. Yes, it’s considered part of the ‘old world,’ but this region is much more than an historic place. It’s also a fascinating cluster of cultures, languages, political systems and economies. Within its borders are industries as varied as the continent’s layered history. And, when you begin to seriously study it, you’ll see that the cradle of Western civilization brims with potential regardless of your perspective. At the College of Charleston, we offer a minor in European studies because of the region’s vast and pervasive influence, but also because studies in this area can complement every major discipline in the humanities, business, the natural sciences, the arts and education. For example, if you’re interested in theatre, a minor in European studies can enhance your work with historical context from Greece or contemporary inspiration from London’s West End. If anthropology is more your area, knowing how the ancient cave drawings of Lascaux, France survived two world wars presents research possibilities. Or, if education is your bent, the context that spawned Italy’s Montessori movement could figure into your studies. The best part of this program is the opportunity to learn about the European region firsthand. Many of our students spend a summer or a semester abroad studying in one of numerous locations and programs. College of Charleston faculty teach courses in six or seven sites every year. In recent courses, students have:

  • studied the literature of James Joyce while touring pertinent parts of Ireland
  • investigated corporate practices in specific firms across Western Europe
  • learned about Renaissance highlights by touring historic sites in Italy.

Whatever aspect of Europe you choose to concentrate on, having a broad understanding of one of the world’s key regions can translate into distinct advantages, and that goes for students entering the working world as well as those destined for graduate or professional school. So, want to learn about the old-new world? Check out European studies.

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