Arts Management

For Maria Carrillo-Marquina, one of the most appealing aspects of studying arts management at the College of Charleston is the broad scope of courses that this program offers.

"Requiring students to take a range of classes that include accounting, grant-writing, fundraising, and arts finance," she says, "encourages us to think holistically about this field. And, the program’s inherent flexibility also enables students to combine this major with other majors or minors in order to tailor your studies so that they align well with your interests."

Maria says she also chose the College and its arts management program due to Charleston's vibrant arts community. 

“The privilege of having such a phenomenal program coupled with the College’s location in the city so immersed in the arts creates unique opportunities for us to directly engage with our local arts community. Through internships, volunteering and guest speakers in class, we are exposed to the intricacies of the visual and performing arts industry in this amazing city.”

Maria has taken full advantage of those opportunities by serving internships at Charleston's Gibbes Museum of Art and at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art right on campus. Both of those experiences prepared her for a paid summer internship at the Whitney Museum of Art in New York City.

Given all this experience – and the program's flexibility – she decided to pursue a double major by including art history. "Doing that has allowed me to think and engage more critically within the field of visual arts," Maria says. "The support that I have received from the faculty in this program is another reason that arts management at the College stands out from similar programs at other universities. The faculty here are really invested in the success of their students and they demonstrate that both inside and outside the classroom.”

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Arts Management

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Kate Keeney
program director
Arts Management Program

Uniquely situated in a vibrant city with a flourishing arts community, the Arts Management Program is one of the few undergraduate programs in the Southeast –  and the only program in South Carolina – offering a major and minor. Students have numerous opportunities for internships, career networking and special projects. In addition, our faculty members all have strong professional connections and broad experience – regionally, nationally and internationally – within the arts..

❱❱ Opportunities for experiential learning and high-impact practices are embedded in our courses and extracurricular offerings, and they're strengthened by partnerships we have established with artists and arts organizations around the world. Our students have secured internships with arts and cultural institutions in the Lowcountry and throughout the nation, including the American Conservatory Theatre, Charlotte Ballet, Hawaii Performing Arts Center, Madison Square Garden, Museum of Modern Art, Sony Pictures and Warner Music Group.