Arts Management

Interdisciplinary Minor


Minoring in arts management complements my music major and deepens my involvement in the arts sector. Through this program, students receive an invaluable wealth of industry knowledge and experience. I feel secure knowing that my performance and administrative backgrounds will create diverse employment opportunities for me after school."

                                             – Meleana Cabales '24

Discover what it takes behind the scenes to make the arts happen. The Arts Management Program prepares students to become integral members of arts organizations through a multidisciplinary curriculum that emphasizes management, organization, decision-making and problem-solving skills in the creative sector. Artists, administrators and other arts professionals engage our students in the classroom and in practice.

Complement your major program of study with coursework in strategic planning, marketing, fundraising and more to forge your path as an arts professional. The arts management minor is commonly paired with majors in the arts, business and communication, but students from all disciplines can benefit from our interdisciplinary program. Arts management students are prepared for careers in arts presenting, grant writing, executive leadership, venue and festival management, entrepreneurship, advocacy, arts marketing, band management and many others.

The Arts Management Program prepares students for careers and engagement that advance a resilient creative sector. Through a multidisciplinary curriculum, faculty mentorship and experiential learning, the program emphasizes strategic thinking, collaboration and innovation in arts leadership. 


Contact Information

Kate Keeney
Program Director