Justin Herp came to the College to study business. Then his business law professor suggested accounting. After some research, he realized there’s a lot more to the accounting profession than staring at spreadsheets. “I decided to switch my major after my first accounting class and I’ve loved it ever since.”

It was the variety of courses that initially appealed to Justin. “Of course, you’ve got your introductory courses and then the intermediate courses where you really get into the nuts and bolts,” he says. “And then there’s an audit course and a couple of tax courses and a course on accounting information systems and then management accounting. I didn’t know this initially, but there are plenty of different paths you can take in this profession. I find that really appealing.”

Justin determined his particular path through an internship he served. “There are plenty of professors in the department finding internships and other opportunities for students all the time. What’s great is that almost every accounting professor has worked in the field before coming to the College, so they have strong connections. Because of the big emphasis on placement in this department, I wasn’t surprised when one of my professors connected me to a paid summer internship with a large regional firm. And through that experience, I got a job offer for a couple of years from now as a tax accountant.”

Accounting and business law is a tight-knit department Justin says. “And because of the standards that accountants are held to, the program is quite structured. Accountants have to know certain information and meet certain standards, so most everyone takes the same classes. You get really comfortable with your classmates because you’re traveling through all of this together. On top of that, the classes are small, so the professors get to know you well.”

After earning his undergraduate degree, Justin plans to pursue a master’s degree in accounting at the College of Charleston. He's confident that he’s well prepared and ready to excel in the program. 

Accounting - Justin Herp

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Robert Hogan
department chair
Department of Accounting and Business Law

Our faculty maintain close working relationships with businesses throughout the southeast, meaning students experience active recruitment for internships and jobs. Our curriculum includes financial accounting, managerial accounting, taxation, accounting information systems, auditing as well as management, marketing and finance.

And faculty expertise is equally broad, ranging from financial reporting to regulatory capture, to accounting theory, international business law, not-for-profit accounting and the evolution of accounting and economic thought. This program can prepare you for certification as a certified public accountant (CPA), a certified management accountant (CMA), a certified fraud examiner (CFE) and a certified internal auditor (CIA).