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Interlibrary Loan

Consult our catalog, e-journals, PASCAL, or a librarian before submitting a request!
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Requests, Renewals, & Status

Any College of Charleston faculty, staff, or student with a valid library card can submit ILL requests except for: students with delinquent loans, overdue fines, or those enrolled non-credit courses; spouses or children; alumni; special patrons; or guest researchers.

Undergraduates are limited to five outstanding requests at one time. Graduates are limited to ten. Graduate assistants should submit requests for themselves in their own name. Requests for faculty should be under the faculty member's name. Requests are processed in the order received. Requests are not accepted by telephone.

"Need By" Dates
Given that ILL can sometimes take two weeks or more, we ask that you inform us if you are working under a deadline. Normally, if no need by date is supplied we will submit a request to ten different libraries before contacting you again. Unless we are notified otherwise, requests for undergraduates will be cancelled at the end of the semester.

Borrowing Guidelines

We do not borrow items listed in our catalog unless they are declared lost or checked out. Lending libraries determine what materials they will photocopy or loan. The following materials often are not available through ILL:

  • recently published books
  • entire volumes or issues of periodicals
  • reference works
  • rare books or original manuscripts
  • newspapers in their original manuscripts
  • videotapes or sound recordings
  • computer software
  • works genealogy
  • some dissertations and theses
Use of Borrowed Materials

Loan periods and renewals are determined by the lending library. Borrowers, including faculty, can expect to keep most returnables for two to four weeks. Researchers should make every effort to complete their work with ILL material within the original loan period. If a renewal becomes necessary, use your ILLiad account to request such before the item is due. Only one renewal per item can be requested. Please note that all ILL returnables are subject to immediate recall by the lending institution.

Our ability to borrow from other libraries is dependent on our past performance with returned items. When patrons keep ILL materials beyond the due date, they jeopardize our ability to borrow from that library. This can effect our ability to obtain materials for everyone here at the College of Charleston.

The lending library also establishes the conditions under which borrowed material may be used. Some items may be restricted for use in our library only, photocopying may be prohibited, etc. A borrower's failure to comply with the conditions of a loan could jeopardize his or her interlibrary loan privileges and can effect our ability to obtain materials for everyone here at the College of Charleston.

Charges & Financial Responsibility

The Addlestone Library pays all normal shipping, photocopying, lending and service fees for interlibrary loan. Users of ILL services are responsible for any fines and/or replacement costs arising from their requests, as well as any copyright charges exceeding $50.00.

Renewals, Returns, & Recalls

Most lending libraries will allow one renewal of borrowed material. Renewals must be requested before the item is due. Use your ILLiad account to request a renewal. The Interlibrary Loan staff will contact you if the due date is not extended by the lending institution.

Return all ILL materials directly to the Interlibrary Loan office or to the Reference Desk on or before the date due. Items obtained through ILL should not be returned to the Circulation Desk or placed in the library book drop. However, all campus delivery books etc. must be returned to the Circulation Desk. They will be checked out to you through the library's circulation system.

Recalled materials should be returned immediately.

Continued failure to return ILL materials in a timely manner may result in suspension of an individual's interlibrary loan privileges.

Marine Resources Library

Interlibrary loan policies at the Grice Marine Biological Laboratory vary slightly from those of the Addlestone Library. The Marine Resources Library only processes interlibrary loan requests from Grice faculty and marine biology graduate students. All requests, including those for items held at Grice, should be requested through your ILLiad account.