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Family Presentation of Diplomas

Graduation at the College of Charleston is a celebration for all graduates and their families. In the past and with special consideration the College has allowed family members who are on the faculty or staff of the College to present their graduates with the "diploma" during the ceremony. While this is a special moment for both the graduate and the family, the presentation of the diploma by a family member creates difficulties during the diploma distribution which causes problems for others, most notably those immediately behind the graduate whose family member is participating.

Effective spring 2011, any College of Charleston graduate whose family member who is on the faculty or staff of the College and wants to participate in a graduate's ceremony will no longer be allowed to present the diploma to the graduate, but instead will be allowed to join the line of College representatives and faculty from the graduate's school and department at the end of the stage and will be able to shake hands with and embrace the graduate. This will provide the opportunity for the graduate and the family member to celebrate the occasion in a more meaningful way and will also allow the procession of graduates to move across the stage more smoothly.