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Ann and Lee Higdon Student Leadership Center

Are you looking for opportunities, activities and experiences that will help prepare you for leadership roles in society? The Higdon Student Leadership Center's programs offer an interactive "learning laboratory" for life-skill development while stimulating students' desires for further exploration. All leadership activities are designed to promote positive citizenship and develop responsible student leadership on and off campus. Assisting students in their overall development is an integral part of the leadership efforts implemented through the Higdon Center's programs.

Leadership skills are life skills. You can choose from a combination of formats to augment your leadership knowledge or experience.

  • Environments of 20 or fewer participants
  • Medium-sized programs with 50 to 60 participants
  • Large-group activities with 200 or more participants

Leadership is a process, not a position. We expect you to:

  • Understand the concept, development and application of leadership
  • Recognize the academic side of leadership through specific courses
  • Describe and identify leadership styles
  • Identify leadership traits and behaviors and learn how to integrate them into everyday situations
  • Become familiar with the vocabulary of leadership
  • Clarify, internalize and live one's own values
  • Apply concepts from one learned experience to another
  • Benefit from constructive external evaluations

Here are some ways to get on the path to leadership development:

Cougar Excursion

You begin your career at the College of Charleston through interaction with other incoming freshmen, as well as student leaders and administrators. Activities include:

  • Mingling with first-year students, as well as upperclassmen
  • Discovering ways to become involved in on-campus activities
  • Participating in leadership group initiatives and activities
  • Developing the kinds of leadership skills and strategies that will ensure a positive and productive first-year experience
  • Learning about the legends and traditions of the College

Leadership Seminar

Enroll as a first-year student and meet once a week, for nine weeks, to learn more about yourself and your own leadership style, develop leadership skills, participate in leadership activities and meet other student leaders and administrators. Topics include Models of Leadership, FISH Philosophy, Conflict Management, Diversity and Professional Business Etiquette.

Annual Fall Leadership Conference

Attend this free, one-day conference, held in October each year and join other College of Charleston students or students from colleges and universities across the Southeast who want to increase their skill base or leadership knowledge. The conference features educational sessions in the morning, lunch and a keynote speaker.

Leadership College of Charleston

You can apply to be selected as a member of this program, which will put you into contact with community leaders and issues that put an emphasis on dynamic leadership qualities that are often gained solely through experience. Members engage in networking and have the chance to participate in discussions and activities that include local businesses, government figures and service organizations. The group also creates an environment where potential internships or employment can be explored. This group is selected through an application and group interview process. If selected to participate in Leadership College of Charleston, you'll meet at least once a month throughout the academic year.

The LeaderShape® Institute for the College of Charleston

Join 60 other students for a hands-on, multidimensional curriculum presented by a group of volunteer facilitators who devote a week to helping develop leaders. While each of them has experience working with young adults, they are all highly respected in their own professions and serve as excellent leadership role models for the students. In addition, prominent guest leaders from various professions spend an evening with participants discussing the tough issues leaders face on a daily basis.

And More!

Each semester, more programs are sponsored in collaboration with Greek Life, Multicultural Student Center, the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship, Student Life, the Graduate Student Association and more.