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Your Application is in, #WhatNow?

What Now

Getting your admissions application submitted is actually the easy part. Now you have to wait for decisions. College of Charleston admissions counselors offer some advice on what to do while you wait for a response from your dream college.

How to Ask for Help

Professor's Pet Peeves

Asking for help from a professor can be intimidating, but the longer you wait the more help you'll need. Professors offered advice on asking effectively for help and making the most out of time with your professors.

Advice for Students, From Your Professors

Professor's Pet Peeves

Your professors. They will be your guides for the next four years. Not only do they have amazing knowledge to share with you, but they can also help you find internships, conduct research, write recommendations for you when you apply for jobs or grad school. You'll come to know and respect them. They'll want to do the same with you. They've been doing this for years, so chances are they've met thousands like you by now. So take their advice to heart.

Advice from Admissions

Advice from Admissions

The whole college application and admission process might seem like Greek to you. Make it easy on yourself. Focus on the tips our admissions counselors are sharing with you. They'll help make the whole process go smoothly for you.