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Advice from Admissions

Advice from Admissions

Admissions counselors are the people who will evaluate your application and determine whether you are accepted to the university. You have the opportunity to talk with them (do it!) and they’ve shared these 10 tips on the process. 

Before you Apply

Take ownership of the college application and decision process. Be confident in what you're looking for and apply to schools from there.

Think about what you want from a college experience. It’s up to you to decide where you will fit in.

Don’t limit yourself to one standardized test. The SAT/ACT are different, and you want to give yourself every opportunity to do well.

Visit as many campuses as you can! The university you choose will be home for the next four years.

Keep in touch with your guidance counselor if you want to stay ahead of the game! We channel a lot of info through them.

Don't wear another university's t-shirt or golf shirt to a campus tour.

Ask about scholarships! You will be considered for College of Charleston scholarships so long as we receive your application package by December 1. HOWEVER, there are many other sources of scholarships that aren’t tied to the College. Ask for suggestions!

On the Application

Take the opportunity to write a personal statement. Tell us more about yourself - something that doesn’t appear elsewhere in the app.

It's ok to reuse a well-crafted essay, but make sure you make the necessary changes. For ex., if you tell us how much you love our college, make sure you get our name right!

Do not use an email address that is in poor taste. Be professional!