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Emily Nellermoe

Ever since she was involved with her high school’s award-winning mock trial team, Emily Nellermoe has been thinking about becoming an attorney. Now, she’s getting ready for law school and a life in the profession she’s dreamt about for years.

“I was into business in high school,” explains Kristin, “so I knew that I wanted to major in this area, but I didn’t know exactly which part. The way that the accounting program is set up at the College really appealed to me. It weeds out the people who shouldn’t be there. But if you do your work and you try really hard, you can thrive. To me, that was important.”

Almost immediately, Kristin found a strong mentor in her faculty advisor. “He’s been my biggest supporter. He impressed on me how difficult it would be to get a job and how thoroughly I would have to prepare. I remember getting an email from him with a plan mapped out for the next three years. He listed the courses I should take and the internships I should pursue. After I got further into the program, I realized how crucial his advice was. At one point, I was negotiating with six or seven different companies for an internship, and that wouldn’t have been possible without his help.”

According to Kristin, a principal strength of the program is the opportunity it provides for internships that really matter. And she should know, she’s had a handful. In one case, she spent the summer in the Cayman Islands, where she was in charge of a new account. “I helped set up all the accounting systems for that company, dealing with the legal contracts and the issuing of stock. I also developed all the materials for the company’s first board meeting. Eventually, it led to a part-time job once school resumed, and later, a full-time offer.”

Kristin plans to specialize in auditing. “In that kind of work, you’re usually part of a team, and I really value the fact that our program has not only taught me numbers and systems, but it’s also made me a better communicator. I think I’ll be well prepared to succeed in this field when I graduate.”

Program Information

The Pre-Law Advising Program at the College of Charleston is committed to supporting students who are considering, preparing for and applying to law school. Since no particular coursework is required for law school, students who make use of this program pursue majors in a variety of disciplines. But the program can offer advice about relevant classes, as well as guidance about all aspects of the law school application process. The program also sponsors a range of extracurricular events on issues in the law.


We will work with you on your résumé and personal statement.

You can take a four-week, non-credit LSAT preparation course.


Each semester, we offer a series of discussions or lectures by experts in specific areas of law, including:

Alan Wilson, Attorney General of South Carolina, on the individual mandate for health insurance

Benjamin Wittes, of the Brookings Institution, on counterterrorism and the rule of law

Randy Stowell, former insurance defense lawyer, on how to manage a trial

Ellen Dannin, professor of labor law, on the Boeing/National Labor Relations Board case

Brian Tamanaha, legal theorist, on politicization as a danger to the rule of law

Contact Information

Larry Krasnoff
Program Director