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Chee-Hang See

When Chee-Hang See chose the College, he knew he was coming to a school where he’d be getting personal attention from professors. That alone was exciting. But since he is a pianist, he never dreamed he’d receive a research grant that would enable him to perform at international music festivals.

Chee-Hang took a huge leap of faith in coming to the College. He’s from Singapore, and though he researched the College, he didn’t really know much about South Carolina. “I had considered some other universities, but College of Charleston seemed like the right size and the right fit for me.”

After he arrived, his instincts were confirmed. “What I experienced is that professors really get to know the students here. This is especially true in the music department.”

For Chee-Hang, that’s crucial. “At this point in our careers as musicians, we’re all trying to become better and make a mark for ourselves. Without a professor who will guide you closely, it’s easy to just get lost. It’s not only the lessons we get. My closest professor doesn’t just teach me piano. He also performs a lot and has so many contacts in the field of music. He introduces me to sponsors, and I meet people who come here for the concerts. Also, he encourages me by allowing me to play in numerous concerts, and that helps a lot.”

Chee-Hang’s professors encouraged him to apply for a summer research grant. He and a fellow student received sufficient funding to travel to Italy and perform as a piano duo at several festivals. He recalls performing in amazing Renaissance spaces such as the famed Basilica di San Pietro. “Our final research project for the grant was actually the performances we gave. Research funding isn’t something you expect to have happen as a music student, but it did.”

Now, Chee-Hang is continuing his interest in piano duets. When he graduates, he’ll earn a degree in music with concentrations in performance and music history. Where will that lead? Graduate school, possibly. Additional performances, definitely. But wherever he ends up, Chee-Hang knows he can rely on his support network at the College.

Program Information

Merging the intense focus of a conservatory with a broad education in the liberal arts, the music department’s offerings are enhanced by our location in a city renowned for its cultural heritage and devotion to the performing arts.

Music majors can choose to concentrate in performance, theory/composition, or music history/ literature. They also benefit from small class sizes and ample practice and performance space. A further advantage is the one-on-one tutelage they receive from faculty members, including an artist-in- residence and a composer-in-residence.


  • Facilities include studios, practice rooms and ensemble areas.
  • Distinguished faculty include a Grammy-nominated classical guitarist and internationally renowned musicians.
  • Some of the world’s finest performers come to campus as guest artists.


  • Our students gain experience performing in recital series, touring programs and festivals.
  • A variety of scholarships and internships are available to our students.

Contact Information

Edward Hart
Department Chair