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Jewish Studies

Interdisciplinary Minor


Jon Stewart. You know the guy. The late-night purveyor of “fake news” — the star of “The Daily Show.” To some, he’s a comic wizard; to others, a cultural icon. He’s also Jewish, which is important if you really want to understand Stewart’s self-deprecating, often sarcastic brand of satire. His comic style exists within a long tradition that arguably dates back centuries, and it’s just one small expression of Jewish culture — an amazingly rich and engaging field of study.

At the College of Charleston, students who minor in Jewish Studies explore the full sweep of the Jewish experience from the ancient world to the digital age. Our courses examine an extraordinary range of Jewish cultural and religious traditions from several perspectives, including history, political science, philosophy, language and literature. In this program, you’ll be able to take courses such as:

  • Modern Jewish Politics
  • Representations of the Holocaust
  • Southern Jewish History
  • Jewish Mysticism

Not only will you leave our classes with a greater appreciation of the vibrant Jewish tradition, but also with a greater understanding of the modern world, an empathy for the challenges faced by minorities and a more closely honed awareness of diversity and difference. Our program also offers opportunities for study abroad in Israel and for learning Hebrew.

Even as you discover the complexity of the Jewish experience, the courses in this program will teach you important interpretative and analytical skills that are easily applied outside the classroom. While some of the students in Jewish Studies are drawn to careers in communal service and Jewish education, most of our graduates go on to careers in law, science and business.

So, if you want to learn about Jewish culture and tradition, check out the Jewish Studies minor. You might even learn a few things about Jon Stewart.

“This minor gave me an opportunity to study political and social history and learn about a new culture. I did an independent study focused on gender roles in the literature of Jewish-American immigration. Also, the interdisciplinary focus and variety of courses are great for anyone interested in studying any aspect of Jewish life.”
– Erin Wooten ’10

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Martin Perlmutter
Program Director