General Studies

General Studies

About General Studies

A bachelor’s degree in general studies is well suited for individuals who prefer not to choose a specific major. General studies students fulfill their general education requirements by taking a broad range of courses in the arts, sciences and humanities. Instead of focusing on one specific major, they choose two minors, which may or may not be related. Their choice.

General Studies at COFC

This approach provides students with a top-notch liberal arts education while essentially allowing them to create their own, individualized program of study. There are two options available:

  • In person on the College of Charleston campus. There are nearly 80 minors offered by the College available to students who select this option.
  • Online. If you choose to complete your degree online, you’ll choose from a smaller, but growing, list of minors.

Beyond the Classroom

  • With more than 85 study-abroad programs to choose from, many of which are led by College of Charleston faculty, College of Charleston students have the opportunity to gain a global perspective by studying abroad.
  • Nearly 70% of all undergraduate students at the College complete at least one internship before they graduate. We encourage students to earn a degree and build a résumé with real-world experience.

Where the Degree Can Take You

Due to the diverse and highly personalized nature of the Bachelor of General Studies program, there are a wide range of career paths that graduates can pursue. Common professions for students who complete a general studies degree include banking, public relations, HR management, project management and government services. Because the degree is customized, you can create a degree that will best prepare you to meet your professional goals.

No matter which areas of concentration you choose, the Bachelor of General Studies degree is rooted in the liberal arts and sciences, which prepares students to be adaptive, multi-disciplinary problem solvers with excellent communication skills. These qualities will continue to be valued across industries and regardless of changes that might be driven by technology or global shifts.