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Tim Brown

Passionate about dance? So is Tim Brown. It’s a passion he’s pursued since his freshman year of high school. Later, when he was looking at colleges, one criterion was nonnegotiable – the school had to have a dance program. Now, he’s grateful that he discovered the College of Charleston.

Tim came to the College intending to study marine biology. During his freshman year, he joined the Cougarettes, the dance team that performs at various sports events. Prior to college, he had danced in the Miss South Carolina Pageant, which involved a lot of public relations work. It was natural that he gravitate toward a communication major. And when the major in dance became a reality, he added that to his academic program and became a double major.

“My choreographic style is sort of lyrical; it kind of flows. So, when I started in the program, I worked from what I knew – from my comfort zone. But my instructors challenged me to explore all these other movements and areas in the discipline. That’s something the program does really well.” In addition, he says, it gives you broad experience. He attended the American College Dance Festival and has since been talking with his professor about creating a performance for Spoleto Festival USA or Piccolo Spoleto.

Although Tim favors modern dance, he’s interested in other subgenres as well. What’s cool, he says, is that Charleston has a vibrant dance scene. “There are organizations here that teach and perform ballet, jazz and modern dance, but there are also a number of companies that feature ethnic dance styles as well.”

So far, his favorite course has been Dance Choreography. “Even if you’re not interested in choreographing, this class can be really helpful. If you ever have to audition, you’ll probably be asked to improvise dance steps to a certain beat. The choreography class helps you develop the skills and the confidence to master an improvisational situation.”

Although he loves to perform, he’s also interested in communication within dance. “I hope to work at a studio even before I graduate,” he says, “and though I want to instruct and direct, I can see myself getting into advertising and promotion, too.” Clearly, his choice of majors will be ideal preparation for that.

Program Information

Students who major in dance can concentrate in one of two broad areas: performance or general dance studies. Most dance majors can go on to perform, teach or continue their studies, but they also work in the fields of arts administration, movement therapy, and audience development. The curriculum weaves the practical with the theoretical in a way that enhances students’ creative, intellectual, and communication skills in the field of dance.


  • Our program offers curricular flexibility as a means ofdeveloping well-rounded students.
  • Courses in this major include dance history, kinesiology, body conditioning, stagecraft and improvisation/choreography.


  • Charleston has a thriving dance scene, with companies specializing in West African, Latin, Brazilian, and Afro- Latino dance styles and traditions aside from others that favor modern dance or ballet.
  • Students have also interned with local companies, including Charleston Ballet Theatre, Dance FX, and Annex Dance Company.
  • Students have multiple opportunities to choreograph and perform through participation in the American College Dance Festival, South Carolina Dance Association events, and our mainstage dance concerts.

Contact Information

Gretchen McLaine
Program Director